Illustrated map for BBC Countryfile magazine





Illustrated maps for BBC Countryfile Magazine

I'm now producing illustrated maps for the monthly BBC Countryfile magazine. Argyll and the Isles (right) was first, followed by Dartmoor, a snowy Snowdonia for the Christmas edition and the Scilly Isles for January 2015 (to be posted as soon as the magazine is non-current).

"You have a great feel for the landscape Ev. We've tried several styles of map for this feature but with these we've got it nailed”
Editor, BBC Countryfile Magazine

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Please note that copyright of these images* belongs to Sinclair Illustration. If you would like a license to use one or several, please contact me to discuss. (*The most recent locations are copyright of BBC for 3 months, but will then become available).

Locations covered include:

Argyll & Isles map
Black Mountains map
Bronte Country map
Channel Islands map
Cornwall map
Poldarks Cornwall map
Cotswolds map
Cumbria map
Dartmoor map
Devon/Dorset coast (Jurassic) map
Galloway map
Gower map
Hereford map
Lake District map
Norfolk coast map
Northumberland coast map
Peak District map
Pembrokeshire map
Pennines map
Pooh Country map
Scilly Isles map
Snowdonia map
Somerset map
Sutherland map